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‘Oollo Pelliki Kukkala Hadavidi’ An Out & Out Comedy Entertainer

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Veteran actor Rajendra Prasad, who is currently playing character roles in films, is back again to entertain the audience with his new film ‘Oollo Pelliki Kukkala Hadavidi’ which is directed by Nidhi Prasad. Sakshi Chaudhary & Sindhu Affan are playing as heroines in the film.



The movie is an out and out comedy entertainer which would tickle the audience. The tale of an elder brother (Rajendra Prasad) who has dedicated his entire life in raising his six brothers, but now seeks to get married as he is getting old. The only condition however, is that he can only marry when all the younger brothers are married. Now the six younger brothers are trying to fix the marriage for their unmarried elder brother.


Actress Sindhu Affan shared with the media that there exists two kinds of filmmakers, Those who make films with passion, While others who make only for money.  Nidhi Prasad comes under Passionate category as he always wants to give best output to the viewers/Audience.


This film stars Brahmanandam, Swetha Menon, Krishna Bhaghavan, Jeeva, LB Sriram, Ali, Khayyum, Krishnudu, Dhanraj, Rishi, Sai and etc in other important roles.

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