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Ouija’s Director gets Nominated for SIIMA 2016

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Ouija Nominated SIIMA
Ouija’s Director Rajkumar Reddy was  Nominated for SIIMA, 2016

The recent horror thriller of Kannada ‘Ouija’ got a nomination for prestigious SIIMA Awards. Director RajKumar Reddy is in the list of ‘Best Debut Director’.

The film runs on a spine chilling concept of Supernatural powers. Shraddha Das as Maaya give you eerie goosebumps each time she is on screen. Most of the cast, crew and technicians were associated with both Telugu and Kannada Film Industries. Though it started off lately the film managed to push a lot of star studded films behind and became a noticeable hit for that season.

RajKumar Reddy directed this flick under Vega Entertainment, produced by Vikram Raju. V Ravi Kumar cranked the camera and was edited by S R Sekhar. Harinikesh composed tuned for this Horror-Thriller. Along with Bharath, Shraddha Das, Urmila Gayathri, Madhuri Itagi, Kadambari,  Sayaji Shinde, Raja Ravindra and Avinash were seen in other important roles.

The poling started today with in SIIMA official website and Hope the best one wins.

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