Ouija Movie Review

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Film Name : Ouija
Producer : Vikram Raju
Banner : Vega Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Star Cast : Bharath, Shradda Das, Gayathri Venkitagiri, Madhuri Itagi, Kadambari Jethwani, Avinash, Shayaji Shinde etc.
Director : Raj Kumar
Music : Harinikesh
Cinematography : Ravi Kumar


Kshetra, Niharika, Krishnaveni are three best friends who are Software employees living in Malaysia. They are quiet easy going and enjoys their life to the fullest in their weekends and whenever they get time otherwise. On one such evening, they meet Balaraju who is an aspiring actor, struggling to get a chance to see himself on big screen. Since the girls are also interested in film making and fed up with their regular schedules, they were impressed with Balaraju’s enthusiasm. All of them got on well and decided to make a short film. They chose to do a horror film thinking that would quickly grab the attention of the audience. They’ve arranged for a couple of Ouija (Spirit communication device) boards for the shoot, one of which happened to be spooky.

On the other hand, the evil spirit of Maya who died in an accident deliberately troubling the four friends and slowly that becomes a life threat for them, during the film shoot. When they realized this is all happening because of Maya, what did they do to get rid of her? Were they able to do so? Why is Maya’s spirit mad at the friends anyway? The story runs on this plot.


The movie goes on interestingly without a pause. There is something goes on in every scene. Three beautiful girls who are always in a cheerful party mood suddenly encountering the evil-spirit forces and running for their lives is quiet thrilling. Till they realize the presence of the spirit, the scenes between the girls and Balaraju are fun and entertaining. After Maya is revealed, the fun side has been flipped with horror side. Unlike the regular horror films, the film doesn’t go much in darkness. It would successfully scare you enough in the day light as well. Shradha Das is definitely an add-on with her sharp looks and stylish witch characterization. I believe this is the first time she has ever done such character. She tried her best to keep the horror vibes up. Sayaji Shinde is a special role as a spiritual help for the friends to find ways to get rid of Maya. Popular Tollywood singer and music director Raghu Kunche will be seen in a cameo. When it comes to Production we must say the producer Vikram Raju haven’t compromised and one can easily sense the richness in every single frame. Re-recording and back ground is definitely an asset for the movie. Sound effects and computer graphics are really taken care in a master and one ends up in goosebumps all over.

Film has a Music album of four songs which are most of up-beat and energetic party songs. The Juke box itself is quiet entertaining and you’ll be surprised to know the singers behind the mike are all new along with the Composer Harinikesh. Songs are written to be catchy and you can actually keep humming it all the day.

Camera work is undoubtedly an asset. The cinematographer Ravi kumar has worked his angles well to freak you out throughout the movie and to give you a little break from freak in songs.

All over it’s a new angle in Horror films and keeps you vibrated in your seats the whole time. The story is crystal clear and the narration is just splendid in its way. But for a debut director Raj kumar, this is definitely remarkable. A suspense and horror playing for the weekend along with your family.

MovieMint Rating : 3.75


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