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Padmapriya visited Thrissur. This time for a study

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Padmapriya, Malayalam Actress
Padmapriya, Malayalam Actress

The established actress Padmapriya makes her name shine in a lot of verticals. She acts in films across many Indian languages. She is into some or the other academic courses every given time. She just came back from US after her studies and already signed a Begali Film by Rajan Palit.

She is also a member of Delhi based ‘Think Tank’. She has been to Thrissur with Think Tank team and met some villagers around for a study. Talking about it she said, ‘For the past eight months, I have been working with the organization. Recently, I presented a paper in Kerala Institute of Local Administration in Thrissur. It was about the rural local bodies and the various issues they face. I also visited a few villages like Pazhayannur and it was fun interacting with the common people’.

She got nostalgic about Thrissur as two of her most esteemed films ‘Vadakkumnadhan’ and ‘Karutha Pakshikal’ were shot there.