Pak estimated to have 3rd largest nuclear warehouse in 10 years

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In a time span of 10 years, Pakistan might have  the third largest storehouse of nuclear weapons or at least have a good quantity of nuclear material available as per a new report. The nation is behind US, Russia, France, UK and China considered to be the five nuclear powers. According to reports, Pakistan could possess 350 weapons in 10 years which would make Pakistan fore-take  France, China and UK — the number three, four and five powers — that have 300, 250 and 225 nuclear weapons respectively.

At present US and Russia take the leading positions with an estimated 16,000 each. Pakistan currently possess about 120 weapons followed by India with around 100 (in the 80-100 range) and Israel with 80. It has been reported that Pakistan has set a fixed target to 20 nuclear warheads a year.



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