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Pakistan challenges India

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The tautness at the India-Pakistan border still continues and looks as though there is no stoppage, with the Pakistani troops daring and challenging India yet again.

Pakistani troops on Thursday breached ceasefire in the Sawjian sector of Poonch district in Jammu and Kasmir.

Indian forces peddled to the unjustified firing by Pakistani troopers from across the border. There have been more than 25 occurrences of ceasefire disruptions by Pakistan in the last 45 days.

This happened after a day when a civilian woman got wounded as Pakistani troops offended ceasefire in the Sabjiyan sector of Poonch district on Wednesday.

Pakistani rangers opened fire at Indian Army posts and also angled civilian areas across the Line of Control (LoC).

They shot 81 mm mortars and from other automatic missiles on forward posts and small villages. Army troops protecting the border revenged resulting in exchanges which ended around 0300 hours.

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