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Pawan Kalyan New Book ‘Nenu-Manam-Janam’

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Pawan Kalyan New Book 'Nenu-Manam-Janam'
Pawan Kalyan New Book ‘Nenu-Manam-Janam’

Pawan Kalyan willing to write a book with the title ‘Nenu – Manam – Janam’ for creating awareness among public about the ideology of Jana Sena Party. It even have the sub-title ‘Marpu Kosam Yudham’.

Sources say, Pawan Kalyan already begun putting his thought process on the paper. The new publication will hit the book stores by early next year.

This book would reflect everything from what initiated him to launch the party, which incidents compelled him to work for the people, what his plan of action, and the aim he is striving for. This would be different from earlier book published. Unlike his earlier book “Ism”, the writings will be lucid, to the point and in simpler terms, so that even common man can read and understand it. The Jana Sena party is planning to bring out the book in the first half of 2017.

Also Pawan Kalyan Jana Sena party stating that the party does not have any Facebook and Twitter accounts and requested people not to give any donations if anyone is trying to collect on behalf of them.

Pawan Kalyan Speech.

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