Pawan Kalyan will be leaving to Kerala tonight – Movie Mint

Pawan Kalyan will be leaving to Kerala tonight

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Being the president of Janasena Party, Pawan Kalyan held a press meet in Hyderabad today, to address his worries about the unfortunate incidents happened yesterday, during Kaapu Gharjana in Tuni. Reportedly, he is flying back to Kerala tonight to join the sets of Sardaar Gabbar Singh. It is known that ,disturbed Pawan Kalyan, has called off the shooting of the film in Kerala and returned to Hyderabad, to talk about the violent agitation done by Kaapu community people, who were protesting for a BC status.  He stressed on the point that, there could be a chance that the event is a preplanned one.

Pawan also opined that government should have placed extra security forces for a meeting of its scale. However, he is facing criticism from many that his speech lacked a stance.  Apparently, he would further discuss on the current situation in the state with Andhra Pradesh CM later today, after which he will go back to Kerala, to make sure his film wouldn’t suffer any postponement or losses to the producers.

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