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Pearle Manne in ‘JO and the Boy’

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Many women oriented movies were given a lot of prominence in olden days however with the increasing craze for hero oriented films, women centric movies gradually subsided with time. But loos like the trend is gaining importance once again where in movies which portray women in powerful roles is raising. Manju Warier is setting up a good example for such films and for younger actresses especially.She now has the stardom and good fan following to draw crowds to theaters. She has signed a movie, ‘Jo and the Boy’ recently in which she plays a very intense role.

She plays the title role of a woman in her 20s. In order to look younger and leaner for the role, she has lost 10 kgs. Others including Lalu Alex and Sudheer Karamana plays pivotal roles. This indeed will be one of the most challenging roles in her career so far. The latest we hear is that Pearle Maaney has been roped in to play a pivotal role in the film. Pearle Maaney was last seen in the recently released movie ‘Double Barrel’. She also had a cameo in Ranjith’s ‘Loham’. The actress is slowly gaining momentum in the Malayalam film fraternity.

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