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Pentagon to form Cyber almanac to curb hackers

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In order to  provide an overview of the vulnerabilities of the military’s computer networks, weapons systems, and installations, and help officials prioritize how to fix them, the US Defense Department is building a massive, electronic system as told by the  deputy commander of US Cyber Command on Thursday.  With a goal of turning the system into an automated “scorecard” in coming years,  officials should reach agreement on a framework within months as per reports by Air Force Lieutenant General Kevin McLaughlin. This effort is being made in order to curb cyber threats and cyber attacks by China and Russia which was released by  the Pentagon’s chief weapons tester.

According to the reports provided by Michael Gilmore, the Pentagon’s director of testing and evaluation, nearly every major US weapons system was vulnerable to cyber attacks.
Initial data entry would be done by hand, but the goal was to create a fully automated system that would help defense officials instantaneously detect and respond to cyberattacks, McLaughlin said after a speech at the annual Billington Cybersecurity Summit.

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