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Planet Earth II Teaser: Iguana Chased down by Snakes

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Planet Earth II Teaser: Iguana Chased down by Snakes
Planet Earth II Teaser: Iguana Chased down by Snakes


When humans are born, our first tasks include opening our eyes and trusting our instinct to breathe. For iguanas, those first tasks might involve evading death.

This harsh truth has come to light in a new teaser clip for Planet Earth II, the BBC’s upcoming sequel to its legendary documentary series narrated by Sir David Attenborough. It features one of the most amazing documentary shots ever: a hatchling iguana dodging death on what appears to be an island full of snakes.

The scene is not unlike a season-defining fight from Game of Thrones (see: “Battle of the Bastards”). It’s more dramatic than anything pulled from Shonda Rhimes’s vault of twists. It’s got excitement, tension, a hold-your-breath action sequence, and suspense all wrapped into a two-minute sequence. Its ending must be seen to be believed.

While the animated Attenborough returns as the narrator of the series, the makers have also roped in celebrated music composer Hans Zimmer to produce the background score. Zimmer has composed the music for films of colossal proportions like Interstellar and Inception. Given his track record, the documentary series is all set to transcend the limitations of the foreseen and the imaginable.

The sequel will not limit itself to the wild but will extend its scope to the urban areas where animals coexist with humans peacefully. However, the focus will not be on the man vs. beast conflict but on how the fauna have adapted to the urban landscape and manage to survive braving all odds.

The broadcast of Planet Earth II commenced in the UK on BBC One and BBC One HD. It is slated to be broadcasted internationally on BBC Earth but the date of telecast in India remains uncertain.

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