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PM Modi to meet FB’S Mark Zukerberg

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 It has been reported earlier that PM Modi will  visit Ireland and US from Sept 23 to 29 to address the UN General Assembly. Apart from that, he will be visiting the Google headquarters in Silicon Valley. He is scheduled to meet US President Barack Obama on September 28 after his return from California.

The latest news is that Zuckerberg announced the news on his Facebook page stating  “I’m excited to announce that Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India will be visiting Facebook HQ later this month for a Townhall Q&A. Prime Minister Modi and I will discuss how communities can work together to address social and economic challenges,” he wrote in the post. Soon, Modi also confirmed his acceptance and replied saying “I thank Mark Zuckerberg for the invite to visit @facebook HQ and for the Townhall Q and A at 10 PM IST on September 27 (sic),” he tweeted. Modi also invited and requested people to  participate, asking them to send their queries on the Narendra Modi mobile app.

Facebook has the largest user-base outside the US in India. It has been revealed by Facebook in the month of June that   125 million of its 1.44 billion users are from India. One more interesting fact is that this will be Zuckerberg’s second only town-hall question-and-answer session.  The 31-year-old US billionaire’s  first town-hall was with US President Barack Obama.

During his visit to Silicon Valley, Modi is expected to meet several top executives like  Google’s Sundar Pichai, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayan and executives at Tesla. He is also expected to address global media owners and investors at an event hosted by media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

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