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Leaders of China & US agree to end hacking business secrets

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Both the leaders of China and the United States Of America on Friday announced that there will  no longer support cyber-espionage that results in the theft of trade secrets or confidential business information, leaders from both countries. It seems to be the first sensible common understanding between the two nations regarding cyber security. Washington and Beijing will open a new cyber “hotline,” where senior officials can “escalate” concerning technical issues. They have also agreed to create a senior experts group to continue discussing cyber warfare and the protection of intellectual property.

A meaningful cyber security arrangement was on top of the agenda between the two world leaders after experts blamed China for the hacks on the American Office Of Personnel  Management, Anthem Health Insurance and a number of other breaches. American government officials previously suggested the two countries would at least agree to avoid crippling each other’s most essential services – including electrical grids, banking, systems, hospitals and cellphone networks during peacetime.

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