Police Case Filed on Heroine Ragini Dwivedi

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Kannada actor Ragini Dwivedi and her brother have been booked for reportedly failing to return the advance money they received from a film producer.

A film producer has lodged a complaint against Kannada  Dwivedi and her bother, a costume designer, with the JP Nagar police accusing them of failing to return the advance money they had received for signing a film.

According to the police added that he paid Rs 16 Lakh as an advance amount to Ragini’s brother Dixit for a film. Venkatesh had stated in his complaint that while Ragini Dwivedi had taken Rs 10 lakh as an advance amount for Nati Koli, and her brother Rudrakash had taken Rs 6 lakh for her wardrobes. After the film has been scrapped off, and he demanded this advance amount to be returned. To this, Ragini said that she can’t return the advance but will act in another film.

Vexed with her replies and noncooperation, Venkatesh filed a police case on the actress and her brother Rudraksh Dixit. After registering the case, police started investigating. She was seen on Telugu screen in Nani’s “Jenda Pai Kapiraju

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