Police ‘Kept in Dark’ on Plan to Arrest Chhota Rajan, Say Sources

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Mumbai:  The plan to arrest Chhota Rajan, the most-wanted gangster caught in Indonesia on Sunday, was reportedly kept secret from the police in Mumbai, where he is wanted for at least 17 murders, extortion and drug trafficking.

Rajan, 55, was arrested soon after he arrived in the resort island of Bali from Sydney on Sunday morning.

Sources say the Mumbai police was not a part of the plan to catch him, which involved close coordination between the Indian security agencies and the police in Australia and Indonesia.

The Australian police had tipped off Bali about Rajan’s arrival; they were to look out for a passenger with an Indian passport in the name of Mohan Kumar.

Rajan, a close aide of underworld don and terror boss Dawood Ibrahim turned his bitter rival, had evaded the police in several countries for over two decades.

After his arrest, questions have been raised about whether Rajan wanted the safety of Indian jails to escape Dawood Ibrahim, who has made several attempts to kill him.

Sources say Rajan’s arrest could be a precursor to anti-Dawood operations planned by security agencies. Security agencies believe Rajan could provide vital inputs on Dawood, who is believed to be in Karachi in Pakistan, and his “D-Gang“.

Rajan famously escaped from the rooftop of a hotel in Bangkok in 2000 after Dawood’s men tracked him down and shot at him. His escape later from a heavily-guarded hospital in the city left the Mumbai Police red-faced, but later one of Rajan’s aides told the police that they were helped.

Dawood’s aides Vicky Malhotra and Farid Tanasha, who were arrested by the Mumbai Police from Delhi, had revealed that they were in touch with Indian agencies.

There is no official confirmation, but Rajan’s hand in eliminating anti- India and pro-Pakistani elements in the 1990s is well-established folklore within the security circuit.

There were reports that the security establishment leaned on Rajan’s network to plan an assassination attempt on Dawood Ibrahim in 2005 when his daughter was getting married to the son of legendary Pakistani Cricketer Javed Miandad. The plan failed.

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