Poonam Pandey’s Mobile App gets Banned by Google, Watch Video

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Poonam Pandey’s Mobile App gets Banned by Google, Watch Video



Bollywood starlet Poonam Pandey claims her app has been suspended by Google. The app was launched on Monday.

“Razr Corp and my agency approached me with the idea of creating an app. They gave me full creative freedom to create this app exactly the way I wanted it to be. So, of course I accepted the challenge. I am very happy with the final product,” said Poonam Pandey to IANS.

Giving a hint about her app, Poonam Pandey said, “This is all about me. If you think I am bold, my app is going to be bold as well. I have the full freedom to post anything that I want.”

The very excited 25 year old ‘Nasha’ actress who was seen at first explaining people the ways to download her app, later informed everyone that Google had indeed suspended it.

‘The Poonam Pandey’ app was available for download from 3pm onwards but all that Poonam was seen tweeting and re-tweeting on her Twitter timeline post that, were the problems her fans faced in downloading the app.

“Everyone regardless of their age, people can download the app from my website,” Poonam Pandey said.

Poonam Pandey’s claim to fame was a promise of going baring all if India won the Cricket World Cup in 2011. Poonam Pnadey is known for posting bold and semi-nude pictures on her social media accounts.

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