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Powerful typhoon ‘Dujuan’ hits Taiwan

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During the later part of Monday, powerful and strong typhoon called Dujuan has hit  Taiwan as per the reports from the Taiwan weather department. A spokesman for Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau said that the whole of the island has  heightened vigilance against severe winds and torrential rains. Nearly 7,000 people from Taiwan’s Green, and Orchid Islands, popular with tourists have been evacuated by the officials. Over 200 domestic and international flights, high-speed trains and ferries and flights were cancelled.

For disaster relief and evacuations, more than 24,000 troops were kept on standby. As many as 100 shelters and emergency response centers have been set up.Authorities have warned that coastal areas could be particularly dangerous with tides rising high because of the “supermoon,” which meant the moon had reached its closest orbital point to the earth and, therefore, had a stronger gravitational pull. Officials warned of strong winds, high waves and heavy rain. The storm intensified as it approached Taiwan, with winds reaching speeds of around 227 kilometers per hour. This is the second typhoon hitting Taiwan in the last two months. Typhoon Soudelor left eight people dead in Taiwan and 21 in China when it struck last month.

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