Pranitha Subash apologises to Kajol for a goof up

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Pranitha Subhash has been jet-setting across cities this week and during one such journey, the lass was pleasantly surprised to discover that Bollywood actor Kajol and her were in the same flight. “I was taking a connecting flight from Vijayawada to Hyderabad and Kajol was on the same flight,” shares Pranitha. And when they deplaned at the Hyderabad airport, the actors were ushered into the seating lounge. “We were waiting for the lift and when I got in, the doors began closing. Kajol and her manager were all set to get in, but by then, the lift began moving up. I was so embarrassed that when I met her later, I apologized for the goof up. Kajol was very sweet and smiled back,” says Pranitha.

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