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Priyamani’s marriage postponed

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Its an open news that actress Priyamani is into a serious relationship with Mustafa Raj, an event management company owner from Mumbai and that they will be getting into the nuptial knot soon. She officially announced that the love cum arranged marriage will be sometime next year. However the latest news is that the marriage has been postponed for now. The reason is because of certain changes in Priyamani’s horoscope at the moment.

Both the families who very much believe in horoscope want to keep the marriage on hold until everything in her horoscope favors their marriage. A source close to the actress said that the marriage will take place as soon as possible without any delay once everything falls in place. Priyamani confessed that it was her who proposed him first and he took some time before saying yes to the proposal as he was in a shock that Priyamani has feelings for him.

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