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Priyanka Chopra as villain in ‘Baywatch’

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Priyanka Chopra made three interesting relevations about Dwayne Johnson, her villian role and the movie, The Baywatch.The success of Quantico, helped Priyanka Chopra bag the Baywatch role. Priyanka, was quoted as saying “The script had come to me through my agent. I met the director actually on Skype.” On Playing The Villain Priyanka Chopra, says that the role was actually made for a male baddie in Baywatch, and with sheer luck and hard work, she bagged the role. Reveals PC, “The script had come to me through my agent and the negative part was actually written for a man, and I spoke to the director for another role in the film. And he liked the idea of me playing the negative role despite being a woman. So the script was worked on.”

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