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Priyanka Chopra making waves in US

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Priyanka Chopra at present is the sweetheart of America as she is the first actress from Bollywood  to make a breakthrough impact in the television space with ABC’s Quantico. There has been great response from the whole country to the teasers, posters and show series that the studio is backing it with major sums as Priyanka Chopra’s  face is seen across America.

Its not just hoardings and billboards that are showcasing Priyanka’s creatives in the country’s prime spots including Times Square, but are also making their way on local transport, which is definitely a great moment of pride for the NRI community abroad.

An excited Aseem Chhabra, director of New York Indian Film Festival, journalist and NYC resident for 34 years said that in all the years that she lived in NYC, she never thought that a day like this would come where in the face of a major Bollywood star like  Priyanka Chopra will be showcased on a cross-town MTA bus.

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