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Producer S. Madhan goes Missing.

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Producer S. Madhan goes Missing.
Producer S. Madhan goes Missing.

Famous film producer, S. Madhan has been reported missing since 28th May 2016. His wife approached police and lodged a ‘Missing’ complaint that she has suspicions on her husband’s desertion. She mentioned that His mobile was last found in his car parked at the Chennai Airport parking area on the day of missing.

Madhan's Letter
Madhan’s Letter

Madhan is a ManagingPpartner of Vendhar Movies and produced many films through that. According to the reports, Madhan started his career as Collage Admission Agent who works of commission basis. He looks like maintained good terms with collages and institutions like SRM University and their management for quite a long time.

A suicide letter that was said to be hand written by Madhan on the letter head of the production house, Vendhar Movies is taking rounds in internet. According to the letter, Madhan is off to Kashi to obtain ‘Samadhi’. While this whole drama is going on, some parents have also submitted a complaint to the Commissioner that Madhan in the promise of medical seats at the educational institution had cheated them of their money.

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