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‘Puli’ trailer gets a whooping 2 million views

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On 20th August, the trailer for the much awaited movie of the year ‘Puli’ has been released and created a blusterous waves on all the social networking sites with the number of views. Just within a time frame of two days, the movie trailer had over 1 million views. This shows the stardom of Ilayathalapathy Vijay and the kind of craze he has in the Tamil film fraternity.

In less than 48 hours, the 1 min 53 sec video has gained 63,527 likes and has reached the breath-taking 2 million mark when it comes to the total number of views at present. Such huge numbers garnered by just a trailer is not to be taken on a lighter note and that too within a very short frame of time is scintillating. If it has to be compared with other big movies of recent times  in terms of its viewership, there is no beating ‘Puli’ trailer any time soon by the time it completes its total viewership.


312 total views, 1 views today