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Puri says Pawan Kalyan is his God

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Puri Jagannadh’s sensational comments on Pawan Kalyan fans miffed the fans.  While many industry insiders agreed with Puri’s words, Pawan Kalyan fans bashed the director on social networking sites for calling them senseless and he had to once again face Powerstar chants at Loafer triple platinum disc function held at Vijayawada. The director made a statement that Pawan Kalyan is god to him to silence the fans.

“If he is powerstar to you, he is god to me”, said Puri. “Mark my words, tomorrow, even Varun Tej will amass similar irritating and disturbing fans like you. He will become a big hero among all the mega heroes”, said Puri in seemingly satirical way.We have wait and see how this will be received by the fans and where this war of chants ends.

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