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Raai Laxmi Responds to Affair with MS Dhoni

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Raai Laxmi Responds to Affair with MS Dhoni
Raai Laxmi Responds to Affair with MS Dhoni

Chennai-based actor Raai Laxmi , who is making her Bollywood debut this year, is surprised to see stories about her relationship with cricketer MS Dhoni surfacing yet again ahead of the release of his biopic.

“I don’t know why people are asking me about Dhoni’s biopic and whether I’ll be featured in it. I have nothing to do with Dhoni now and he has moved on in life. He is happily married and has a child. Why are people dragging me into this now that his biopic is coming out?” asks a miffed Raai Laxmi. The rumours of Dhoni and Raai Laxmi alleged relationship started in 2008 when she was the brand amabassador of the IPL team he was captaining. However, Dhoni has never commented on their relationship. Laxmi Raai adds,

“I hope there is nothing in the film about me! Since it is a biopic, the film should only be about MS Dhoni and not about his relationships. I think I should also not comment on such questions like Dhoni. No girl wants to be tagged with someone forever.”

“There’ll be a point where I’ll start saying that I don’t know Dhoni and only known him as a cricketer and national figure,” says Raai Laxmi

So will she be watching MS Dhoni – the Untold Story? “Definitely. If I find time I am going to be watching it. For me it is just entertainment and a film. And movies are meant to be watched,” states Laxmi Raai. The actress is currently completing Julie 2 in Bollywood and will move on to her south projects in October.

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