Radhika Apte Doesn’t Think Our Audience is IMMATURE about NUDITY on Screen

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Radhika Apte Doesn’t Think Our Audience is IMMATURE about NUDITY on Screen


Radhika Apte has no industry lineage to speak of. The Pune girl, who began her acting career with theatre, has risen up the ladder in Bollywood on the sheer strength of her performances and choice of roles. She is as bold off camera as she’s on it — not once shying away from addressing questions on nepotism, nudity and inequality among the sexes in B-Town. In a freewheeling chat with BT, Radhika holds forth on her life as an actor.

In an interview with a publication she talks about Parched which had a topless scene and the leaked version of the scene which caused an uproar. “Films are big in our country and people are emotional about it. I am aware of what happened with the nude scene in Parched. But men and women who connected with it, didn’t see it through the prism of nudity.

The problem arises when nudity is seen out of context. Even then, I don’t think the our audience is immature,” she says, adding, “Nudity is justified if it’s relevant to the plot. The intention should be right. But if it’s just about showing women dancing naked in the name of entertainment, that’s not acceptable. It really depends on why you are putting it in.”

Radhika also feels there’s a change in the industry with more female-centric films today. “Yes, there has been significant change in the way roles are being written for women. In fact, the last decade has been good. Interestingly , not just actresses, even actors are stuck with clichéd roles. Udta Punjab and Piku are exceptions. The image of an actor plays a huge role in deciding if he or she can experiment with roles. The fear of the audience not accepting looms large, too.”

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