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Radhika lashes at Nadigar Sangam for not helping Simbu

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Actress Radhika has indirectly voiced her support to Silambarsan in the Beep song issue that has lead to the Police department launching a search operation to arrest the actor.Last week actor and former Nadigar Sangam President Sarathkumar asked why the Nadigar Sangam was silent over the beep song issue. The next day the Nadigar Sangam President Nasser issued a pretty detailed statement in which he condemned the song.

Now as the High Court has refused to stay the arrest of Simbu, police are searching to arrest him over the complaints lodged against the song. At this point Radhika’s latest tweet makes us feel that she is not okay with the Nadigar Sangam remaining quiet over the raging protests against Simbu and the bid to arrest him for releasing beep song. Her tweet also conveys her credence for Simbu’s claim that the Beep song is his private possession and cannot be questioned as long as it is officially released in public platforms.


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