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Ragavendara Rajkumar promotes his friend’s film

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Raghavendra Rajakumar is giving his support for the promotion of ‘First Rank Raju’. Raja said that the producer of this film,  Manjunath has been a good  friend of his in gym. He did not ask for call sheet of Shivarajakumar or Puneeth Rajakumar when he told about this film. He was curious and excited  that his friend is making an entry into the film industry . When he saw the film, he was very much convinced with Manjunath , director Naresh, music director Kiran Ravindranath who gave good lyrics for the film.

Rajkumar added on to say that it is his privilege to promote this film.Raghanna came with his two sons actor Vinay Rajakumar and Guru Rajakumar to the audio release event at Mantri Mall Inox screen No.4 for audio release. The songs and the music director were well praised for the quality of music and after the screening of the audio, teaser of the movie was also played at the audio launch event.

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