Raj Kundra on the divorce rumors with his wife Shilpa Shetty

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Raj Kundra with wife Shilpa Shetty and son Viaan
Raj Kundra with wife Shilpa Shetty and son Viaan

Raj Kundra the busy business man who married B-town diva Shilpa Shetty and having a wonderful 7 year married life is facing some divorce rumors in recent times. A lot of websites and TV channels started saying he is not going home for about weeks and there is something breaking their marriage. Well, as matter of facts..

Raj Kundra is spending a little more time at work for sure but that is not because their marriage is in trouble. Read the reason in his own words.

I think this rumor started when Shilpa was complaining to her friends that I have been working so hard that I hardly had any time to spend with her. I have been working on this huge deal almost 20 hours a day from my office in Matunga and haven’t had any time to breathe, eat or sleep! I just go home for a shower and change.

Of course he is a busy person, but he definitely has time to answer the rumors. Especially, when they are about his marriage and Shilpa. Look at his funny and sarcastic tweet to a blog reading the same.

Hope nothing would never ever comes in between this lovely couple. We’ve seen too many breakups in Bollywood this year.