Rajamouli to make ‘Garuda’ with 1000 crore budget – Movie Mint

Rajamouli to make ‘Garuda’ with 1000 crore budget

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Rajamouli’s 1000 crores project, Garuda is now creating a rage even before its take off. Though the director did not officially acknowledge the news, sources close to him have already confirmed that there will be a grand project from the director made with a whopping 1000 crores budget. The latest reports add that, the 1000 crores project will not take off until ¬†sufficient funds are collected. Going by the grapevine, Rajamouli is going to make a test shoot of 25 seconds, which will be made with 25 crores, to release in theaters.

He is reportedly sure about his vision and capabilities to pull off 1000 crores from international markets and national market, with just the 25 seconds teaser.  However, the reports are yet to be confirmed by the director as he is totally vesting his time on Baahubali second installment.

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