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Rajini’s “Kabali” in trouble

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Its been just a couple of days that Rajini Kanth’s 159th film has been titled ‘Kabali’ and the movie makers are already in trouble as a close source reports that a Mysore based producer cum director has claimed the title ‘Kabali’ for his film that has already completed 90 percent of its shooting and a girl named Kavya has been cast as the leading actress of the film.

The twist with Mysore based director Sivakumar’s claim of the title is that, he has failed to renew his title each and every year as per the laws as he had registered it few years ago. He is very much disappointed with the authorities for disregarding his plea to renew the title.

So its not yet decided if Kabali will still continue to be the title of Rajini Kanth’s movie even though the title ‘Kabali’ has been successfully registered by Pa Ranjith who is the director of Rajini’s movie.

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