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‘Rakshasi’ audio launched

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‘Rakshashi’ audio has been launched however with a glitch. Heavy rain lashing for several hours on Sunday disturbed the open ground audio release of ‘Rakshasi’. Therefore the audio launch was postponed to Monday. Tamil star actor Vishal and others had to cancel the film made in the direction of Ashraf, assistant director of AR Murugudoss. Power star Puneeth Rajakumar was half way through for audio release on Sunday evening returned home. He came again on Monday morning for the audio release.

Vishal and others felicitated power star Puneeth Rajakumar on this occasion. Power star Puneeth Rajakumar released audio CD of the film. Navarasan, Sindhu Lokanath, GK Reddy, Kuri Pratap, Kempe Gowda, Sujith, Krishnamurthy Kauthar and others are in the cast.

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