Ram Gopal Varma Announces goodbye to Telugu films

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Ram Gopal Varma today announced that his current movie ‘Vangaveeti’ will be his last film in Tollywood. ‘Vangaveeti’ is set in the backdrop of caste wars in Vijayawada in the 1980’s. The war between two groups belonging to different communities brought the Vijayawada city to standstill and put the area under curfew for nearly one month.

He is a maverick director his latest decision is also keeping in line with this image. Director Ram Gopal Varma who made Killing Veerappan recently in Kannada has now made a decision that has shocked many fans.

RGV, as he is popularly known, has always made statements that have been controversial, but this time, it has to do with his films. He has stated that he will no longer make Telugu films. His last film is Vangaveeti.

Vangaveeti narrates the story of the rivalry between the famous Vangaveeti and Devineni families that hail from Vijayawada.

RGV chose to make the announcement via a press release. He stated, “I have decided to quit Telugu films after this project because I will never be able to get a bigger story.”

He further added that life has come in full circle for him, as he started his career in Telugu films with the Nagarjuna-starrer Shiva, based on a gang war in Vijayawada and now will be ending it with another film from the same city.

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