Ram Gopal Varma Launches RGV Talkies

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The controversial king RGV (Ram Gopal Varma), on a satirical mood, announced to launch an online theatre called RGV talkies, through which, he decided to make the short films, as it would have no restriction from the censor board.

While the makers decide to tell a lot in the film, during the censoring, most of the dialogues and scenes are chopped off. Due to this chopping, the actual feel, makers are trying to put in the film is getting lost and so, all such films are remaining as the failures at the box office.

The makers are restricted to do the films, keeping censoring in mind. RGV who might have got irritated with this censoring process, came up with the thought called ‘Online theatre,’ named ‘RGV talkies.’

“RGV talkies” Ram Gopal Varma Tweets

“I am soon launching an online theatre called RGV talkies which will 1st release my debut short film called “Single X””, RGV tweeted.

RGV is going to make short films, under ‘RGV talkies’. He is even giving an open offer to release even others films under his banner, who can make the films as per his taste.

“RGVtalkies will not restrict to only films made by me, but it will release films made by anyone suiting my taste,” RGV tweet reads.

“My interest in digital space is, I don’t need to restrict content for censor purposes nd feature length requirements,” his tweet further read.

Clearly stating that he is against sports and do not believe in god, RGV tweeted, “RGVtalkies” will not under any circumstances release films made on God because I don’t believe in God. “RGVtalkies” will in no way release films made on sports because I hate sports.”

Even putting a satire on the ongoing trend of sex comedies, RGV tweeted that he is not going to make Romantic or sex comedies.

“RGVtalkies” will never release Romantic comedies and Sex comedies because I take both Love and Sex very seriously,” RGV tweet reads.

Continuing his identical genre, RGV said that, he is going to release some dark, gritty kind of films.

“RGVtalkies” will release erotic, crime, horror etc genres..in short anything which dark, gritty and shocking”, his tweet showed.

Finally, giving a tight indirect blow to the censor board, who can now cannot restrict RGV’s online activities, the satirical star director tweeted, “I am going to dedicate my “RGVtalkies” release debut film “Single X” to the Censor Board.”


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