Ram Gopal Varma new Titled ”Government”

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filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma on Saturday announced that his next Hindi project is titled ‘Government’. He said the film will portray the actual truth behind the underworld and Bollywood nexus.

The 53-year-old director took to his Twitter handle this morning to announce this project, “Government” will portray Dawood Ibrahim,Chota Shakeel,Abu Salem and others as realistically as I portrayed Veerappan.”

The tweet had a “Director’s note” attached to it, which said that though the film ‘Company’ was supposed to be a true life inspiration based upon the Dawood Ibrahim- Chota Rajan relationship, it was quite evident that the entire later part of ‘Company’ was completely fictional far away from the reality of what actually happened; so the reality of that aspect will be now shown in ‘Government’.

RGV even mentioned on the very beginning of the note, specifically mentioned that the movie should not be confused with ‘Sarkar 3,’ which is a different film.

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