‘Rangi Taranga’ makers will start their next in December – Movie Mint

‘Rangi Taranga’ makers will start their next in December

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After the super success of the movie ‘Rangi Taranga’ which the makers did not expect would become such a gigantic hit are already getting prepared to start shooting for their next project. Anup and Nirup Bhandari, the makers of ‘Rangi Taranga’ are focusing on a totally new subject for their next project which is quite different from their present movie. They have been to the US last month and have recently returned back after a month long trip. Nirup confirmed that they are planning to start the first schedule of shooting either from November or December.

Nirup will play the lead actor in the film while his brother Anup will take up the direction department.While in America, both the brothers traveled to San Jose, Dallas, Atlanta, New Jersey, Phoenix among other cities where the movie ‘Rangi Taranga’ was being screened. In fact, during their stay in San Jose, the SAP Labs employees at the Palo Alto campus turned up at the theatre in huge numbers to meet Nirup who worked as project manager at SAP in Bengaluru. Both the brothers say that the pressure will be much higher for their next project as their first project has attained great adulation and recognition.

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