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‘Ranveer Ching Returns’ Trailer| Tamannaah, Ranveer Singh

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Ranveer Ching Returns, will be a film like no other. It will be mounted on a never-seen-before scale and the trailer promises just that. We know what Rohit Shetty can do with his over-the-top action streak that keeps the director in him alive. The Chennai Express director has roped in none other than Ranveer Singh for this special film.

Ranveer Ching Returns is set to release in multiple languages globally with dubs even in several South languages as indeed in some native state languages we hear. Rohit Shetty gives a sneak peak into his magnum opus that looks sleek and incredibly thrilling.

The film also features Baahubali famed actress Tamannaah who is being paired with Ranveer for the first time. The two look absolutely promising. We believe that no one could have puled of this endeavour as brilliantly as this mad man Ranveer has with his infectious energy and antics.

Ranveer Ching Returns with an action-packed Rohit Shetty masala blockbuster!
The world is running out of food and there is only one King who can save them… Ranveer Ching!
Releasing on 19th August

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