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Rashmi Gautam: Mastered the art of mixing prints

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This Too-Sexy-To-Be-Anchor girl is going places these days. If you think she is only focusing on skin show you are totally wrong! Rashmi Gautam is a new style diva in making for Tollywood. It is not an easy feet to wear prints, especially on screen. But this daring-baaz wears it with such ease; in fact she is not scared to mix them up if needed. Today, we are going to have a peep into her wardrobe a little and see if we can pick p some style tips..

Lehenga with Crop Top. This trend is undoubtedly trending. One brilliant tip that you can note down is, both the staples need not be ethnic. A plain floral or printed lehenga can be smartly paired with an embroidered crop top.



If the bottom is plain and calm, we need to do all the Mischievousness with the top itself..


Taking the Pixels a little too seriously. Multi-color with Black is always a Fashion Turn-on.


Here is your costume.. Nothing interesting in it? Let me wear this.. Now you see something interesting in it?


This is our favorite. I mean who doesn’t like Marilyn Monroe. But what’s brilliant is, the fashion icon actually became an icon on her saree pallu..


Last but not least.. When the dress does all the drama you need, keep your hair and make-up as minimal as you can.


If you still think she is just another girl trying to win you over with her body, we can’t help you. Get well soon…

Keep rocking it Girl! We are watching you..

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