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Real blows for Jayam Ravi in ‘Booloham’

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Speaking to us in an exclusive interview Jayam  Ravi revealed that initially when director Kalyana Krishnan approached him to play the boxers role in Booloham, he was apprehensive whether he can pull it off, but took up the challenge and trained for months to get the look and the body language of a boxer right.

Ravi added that he did not use a stunt double and did all the shots himself and he has also not used ropes striving for realism. Nathan Jones, WWE wrestler and the ‘Mad Max Fury Road’ star plays the main antagonist and Ravi is all praises for his professionalism for rehearsing with him in spite of him being one of the most popular wrestlers.The movie will release on  24th of December  worldwide. Trisha is the leading lady in the film.

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