Review-Anukshanam-RGV’s Good Movie

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 Movie: Anukshanam                                                                       Rating:3.25/5

Director:Ram Gopal Varma

Cast:Manchu Vishnu,Tejaswi,Revathi ,Tejaswi madivada,Navadeep

 Producer:Manchu Vishnu                                                                                                                             RGV and Manchu Vishnu combo back again with Anukshanam movie which is based on Psycho killings to thrill audience this time .Manchu Vishnu and top Artist Revathi played crucial part in the movie ,Let’s see how RGV impress  with Anukshanam.


Goutam (Vishnu Manchu ) a strict police officer does his job  sincerely to   protect normal public from various threats happening in  Hyderabad City.Suddenly  Serial killings in city irks Goutam’s duty to concentrate more  on this murders to find the real person behind  this killings. Goutam with his team starts his research to reach the deadly Psycho as an immediate action to stop on going murders in city.

Failed with several attempts Vishnu pleased to meet Shailaja (Revathi) who is genius in tracking Psycho killers allocates  her  valuable time to Vishnu to find the Master Piece behind the serial Killings.Finally Vishnu and Revathi managed to find the killer or they failed to reach him..?? You have to experience   the film to break the curiosity around the movie.


Manchu Vishnu coagulated with RGV to show their worth-full effort on Psycho killings is absolutely a bold attempt in recent times.Vishnu excelled with his acting in every frame and he manages to  carry the same feel till the end .

Another Main character Sailaja played by Revathi is an asset for Anukshanam,RGV with clear imagination designed Revathi’s character in the movie which worked out well  .No other personalities in the film industry matches Sailaja Character in the movie,Revati fitted apt in the role and she deserves the credit for the success.

RGV once again proved that his ideas are always meant to be path breaking in the industry,The way he portrayed Manchu Vishnu’s role in the movie   amuse normal audience by showacasing an intelligent movie.

The baddie who  acted in Anukshnam had a bright future in near days


Brahmanandam comedy irritates at parts as it is only limited to Mass audience for  an extent,A little racy climax and fast screen play are to be rechecked by RGV to  made them better.Some key scenes are not up to the mark which lags the audience attention for  a while.


RGV with his gripping story once again proved his stamina at the box-office,Dialogues are good with neat narration and Background score music is an asset for the film .

Cinematography is good at key parts except for few scenes. RGV concentrated more on the screenplay to grab the attention over common audience.

Verdict: RGV’s Good Movie..!!

At last after series flops RGV succeeded with Anukshnam Movie by Roping Manchu Vishnu .Manchu Vishnu’s good acting and Revathi’s natural performance are key aspects to remind while watching Anukshanam. RGV’s intelligent screen play clearly undergoes his pure efforts on the movie. Rating:3.25/5

Box-Office Potential:Medium

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