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RGV about his last Telugu movie ‘Vangaveeti’

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In the latest Audio-Visual to come out from the ace director-producer-sensationalist, he has talked about what Vijayawada taught him, how he has made Vangaveeti, and what next.”Although I was a Hyderabadi for a good part of my life, it was in Vijayawada that I really grew up.  It was in Vijayawada that I learnt about relations, analysis, making friendships, what love is, killings, etc.  After making a film like Raktha Charitra in the backdrop of Anantapur, Vangaveeti is my film.

The difference between these two films is the difference between revenge and rage.  I learnt a lot when I studying at Siddhartha Engineering College.  I don’t think I can make a greater film than this in Telugu.  So, this will be my last film,” RGV says.It has to be seen whether RGV will stick to the promise.Be that as it may, Vangaveeti is definitely awaited a lot.  The film is set in the 1980s when there were no weapons and technology of the kind we have today, says RGV.

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