RGV: Director’s Respect For Sridevi Thighs

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Ram Gopal Varma-followers on Twitter were inundated with tweets about Sridevi last night. My advise to Boney (Kapoor) is to read my full article in “Guns and Thighs on Srideviji before spewing venom on me  wrote Varma.

The bone of contention between Boney and Ramu is – who else – Sridevi. In the recently-released autobiography of Varma, titled Guns and Thighs, the director had slammed Boney for reducing Sridevi to just a housewife. His book also describes in detail how he was and still is obsessed with Sridevi. This is what made producer Boney Kapoor go all-attack on Ramu, which in turn made the latter take to Twitter to clarify his point of view.

My advise to Boney is to read my full article in “Guns and Thighs” on Srideviji before spewing venom on me. I as a fan have more respect for Srideviji than what Boney has for her as a wife..only Srideviji will know the truth of this in her heart. Srideviji’s fame is not only because of her acting capacity but it’s also because of her thundering thighs –top critics of Himmatwala time. If only acting talent is a measure for stardom why was’nt Smita Patil bigger than Srideviji..The thunder thighs made the difference. I respect Srideviji for her thighs,her smile,her acting talent,her sensitivity,her persona and above all I respect her love for Boney.


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