RGV: I regret the tweet when I picked on Tiger Shroff for no reason

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RGV: I regret the tweet when I picked on Tiger Shroff for no reason



After Sonu Nigam deactivated his Twitter account, it’s filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma who has quit the micro-blogging site.

Ram Gopal Varma took the internet by storm after the filmmaker announced his exit from Twitter. The news did come as a shock to many – given that Ramu was quite popular and active on Twitter.

Talking to a leading daily, Ram Gopal Varma said, “Trollers and controversies never bothered me and they are not the reason why I decided to quit Twitter. I had better reasons to quit.”

He further elaborated by saying, “For starters, I was living only in the twitter world.I just wanted to change my world and that can only happen if I completely isolate myself.”

When asked if he has any regrets about his several controversial tweets, he said, “None at all, except when I picked Tiger Shroff for no reason. I regret that. But what’s done is done. I now look forward to making my web series Guns & Thighs. The digital world is a direct connection between filmmaker and viewers. Unlike a tweet which can be misconstrued or carelessly put, even a short film, due to an elaborate creative process involved will put it out more effectively than a hastily written tweet.”

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