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RGV is a cop? He said so..

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RGV dressed as a Cop
RGV dressed as a Cop

The king of controversies Ram Gopal Varma is actually a cop. You don’t believe us? He said that himself. He did post an image where he is dressed up as a Police man and stood up with his head high. Looks at this.

Coming to the details, it is basically a morphed image by a fan and RGV looks like is impressed with it. So he posted it on his Twitter and wrote ‘I have a confession to make..I am actually a Cop in the disguise of a film maker’ below the picture.

But such an out of the box idea. We’ve seen Morphed images of RGV into god’s image and some other celebs but as a Police Officer, that is quirky. RGV, why don’t you dress up like a cop once? That would be one such sight. May be for a cameo in your next?