RGV Madness at Peak Stage..??

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RGV’s name itself a sensation in film circles where he acquired special recognition all over the industry with his new age films one who can not able to imagine his irrelevant ideas.Now RGV with his new film Savithri first look posters  generated lot’s of buzz over the  movie which is based on his childhood addiction towards English teacher. RGV’s idea over portraying a school guy interest on his English teacher and elevating that by releasing obscene posters featuring a guy looking on Navel of a woman and other vulgar poses made general public to fight against RGV madness this time on a very serious note.

State commission for protection of Child Rights (SCPCR) fled a case against RGV regarding the first look posters of Savithri which are embarrassing to see excess obscenity in them.RGV should give an explanation about those posters to SCPCR officials on or before October 8th.

Ice Cream 2 Trailer – RGV, J.D Chakravarthy, Naveena – Latest Telugu Trailer 2014:

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