RGV Sensational Tweets on Censor Board

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RGV: I want to kiss and make love to Arnab Goswami for f*****g the censor board chairman “Pahlaj Nihlani, says Ram Gopal Varma.
In the wake of CBFC Chairman facing criticism for James Bond film Spectre kisses censoring and banning of usage of some words in Bollywood movies including the word ‘Bombay’, famous news hot Arnab has done a special debate show other day. As he stunned the Censor chief with his series of questions.
I loved what Arnab said that rest of the world is mature enough to see “Spectre” but the dumb juvenile idiot Indians are not as per Pahlaj. The truth of accepting censor verdict is every film maker only under pressure of release tensions will relent voluntarily” he further tweeted. Also the maverick director asked Arnab to whatsapp him his feet such that he will pray to them daily.

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