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RGV’S next film titled as ‘Bruce Lee’

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Looks like everyone from the industry seem to be fans of the legendary  martial artist, actor and filmmaker Bruce Lee. After Ram Charan Tej and GV Prakash, it is Ram Gopal Varma who is joining the club of naming his next film as ‘Bruce Lee’. That’s correct. RGV is directing an action entertainer which is touted to be India’s first Martial arts film. However the twist is that the movie will have a female playing a tough martial arts girl.

In an interview recently, RGV revealed that he has been a great fan of Bruce Lee since his college days and he always wanted to make a movie on martial arts. It is very rare that three South Indian films releasing around the same time are titled as ‘Bruce Lee’. Ram Gopal Varma’s tagline for his film ‘Bruce Lee’ is  “He died…His Influence did not”.

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