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RGV’s sarcasm on superstars & their donations for Chennai

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RGV does not seem to spare anyone and anything. He has once again made some statements on superstars of Tollywood and Kollywood regarding their recent donations for Chennai rain victims. His tweets are as follows- ‘Is it fair for Superstars, who are worth hundreds of crores, to only donate 10 Lakhs for people, who lost thousands of crores’.  He further added,  ‘OMG! Chennai people are stunned and confused how to spend huge amounts of 5 or 10 lakhs, it is better not to donate than this.’

He also questioned Rajinikanth, who is often termed as a ‘God’ by his fans and followers, why he had failed to stop Chennai Rains. “I wonder why Rajnikant dint do anything to stop the rain?”,tweeted. Apparently, RGV also had an answer ready for the people, who questioned what he has donated to actually question the Superstars’ contributions. “As per me I never donated one rupee and am supremely selfish unlike celebs who give quintals of prayers and tonnes of love”, he clarified.

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