Richa Chadha about her Struggle with Body Shaming

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Richa Chadha Talks About Her Struggle With Body Shaming
Richa Chadha Talks About Her Struggle With Body Shaming

She gets candid and controversial now and then but her impressive acting skills dominate everything. Richa Chadda, the trained theatre performer who is the new talking point in Bollywood. Her roles and performances in Gangs of Wasseypur, Ram leela, and recently Sarabjit are notable.

At a recent interview she opened up about some women centric issues and discussed her struggle with her eating disorders, how she suffered the body-shaming experiences. These are what she said,

I was told I should gain weight, lose weight, fix my nose, inflate my lips, get a boob job, lose the puppy fat, grow my hair or cut my hair, wear spanx. Everyone judges you on the basis of how you look. I crumbled under pressure like a wrecking ball had hit me. Although I did not have Bulimia and wasn’t into binge eating, I realized that I might be struggling with an eating disorder and decided to take control of my life and body.’

Richa now promises herself to be in her best shape in a month and is seen posting motivational stuff on her social media, which we think is an amazing thing.

She concluded, ‘I’d like to tell people to love themselves the way they are without bothering about popular perception.’

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