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‘Rikki’ trailer released

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Rakshit Shetty and Rishab Shetty with lovely lady Haripriya doing double shade role of ‘Radha and Seetha’ – ‘Rikki’ trailer of 3 minutes plus has created lot of hopes on the subject, making and takings for the film. Rishab Shetty makes debut as director with his best friend Rakshit Shetty in the lead role. Rakshit Shetty of ‘Simple Ag ond Love Story’ and director of ‘Ulidavarau Kandanthe’ has struggled for the fine outcome of the film.

Puneeth Rajakumar released trailer on a lap top to You Tube and later the same was screened on Sri Renukamba Digital theatre screen. SV Babu Productions expensive film to hit silver screen in November after ‘Endendigu’ is this ‘Rikki’. The trailer with three captions and English subtitles is sure to win accolades world over. The captions – Ondu Badukina Durantha, Ondu Badukina Sangarsha and Ondu Badukina antima Samara… The game begins is interesting.

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